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ALL I inquired previously about purchasing this for my studio...but I need to know if you could send me an invoice so that I can get a check reque from my school. Purchase order will not work for me. Thanks for your help. We can email a PDF version of any invoice if you provide an email address. 8
ALL How much exact the Price + Shipping, I just want to clarify it? Also is this a one time payment? Yes, one time payment. Most users buy the software license and use the download file(burn to CD). The "download" is the real version that runs in the demo mode until a license is present. There is only one license payment. If you require a CD/boxed version there is an additional $35 charge which includes CD and shipping. 9
ALL How can I get a demo version to try before I buy? Go to Download Page. 16
ALL Can not seem to get past this error message on my XP home edition computer when trying to install any of your demos "C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable... More than likely, you have a dirty installation folder. The problem is caused when installing from a folder that you have installed other programs from. I.e., There are file remains/leftovers from the previous software installations still present in this folder. To avoid this problem, install from an empty clean folder. 17
ALL I use powerpoint for the core of the presentation and would like access to my screen to control the presentation while this is running on it's own. Do you think this is possible and do you think for my purposes this might be the right software? Power point presentations will not let other processes/apps share the same screen. We do not know of a work around. 20
ALL I would like to resell your products. We are sorry, our resellers must have a web site or store that sells teleprompter or video display hardware. 25
ALL I received the program today, loaded it according to directions but it asks for a password. I can not find a password anywhere. What am I doing wrong? None of our products use a password anywhere. 28
ALL I am not able to get the second monitor to function correctly. If using dual monitors you must make sure your video card driver is setup to use two "Separate Displays". If video card driver is in the clone, virtual or copy mode this will not work. You must have it setup as if 2 separate video boards are installed in your computer. When setup correctly the "Use Second Monitor for Scrolling" option becomes active. 43
ALL I would like to know where your company sales this software in Rio ( Rio de Janeiro - Rj - Brasil ) because i need to buy this software very quickly. We do not have a reseller in Brazil but you can buy direct from us. You can email or fax your credit card information with your name, address and phone. Then we send the software license as an email attachment ASAP. 54
ALL I purchased your teleprompting software but the program runs in the DEMO MODE? Software License installation problems Are you licensed? 56
ALL How does ther DRS software license work? If a zip email attachement was sent to you. 57
ALL After reformatting my hard drive and re-installing your program I am in the DEMO mode? Purchased Software License (installation)<br> 58
ALL Checking your Windows video display Mode? Click on the [About] option from the main menu [Help] option. The about box has a "BPP" setting displayed. The "BPP" is your current [Bits Per Pixel] setting. 68
ALL After registering my software, it still starts in demo mode. How come? See: Other reasons for the DEMO mode default (if you have purchased a license). 70
ALL I need to re-format my hard drive to install Windows XP. What do I do I reinstall my teleprompter softwarebr? 1) First you must have the original software install file. This is the application you downloaded from the web or is located on your install CD. 85
ALL What about a Hand Controller? There are vendors that offer generic controllers such as Contour 118
ALL We have 2 copies of your program and both have a common problem. At the last page of a document scrolling the software disgards the last 5 - 10 lines and ends the document. Lines dropped? The problem you noted can be caused when using a file that was formatted in Word then saved as an RTF or text file. The issue is caused by extra hard returns or soft returns in the original Word doc that are saved in the RTF or text file. There should only be one hard return at the end of each paragraph, else it may cause extra line breaks which may compromise the programs internal line counters. 123
ALL Just wondering what the difference is between downloaded version and purchased. If you were to actually load your own file, you would see where the product name would override randomly your own text. It's not very noticeable, because we want people to see how text scrolls smoothly. Otherwise, it is fully functional. 26
ALL Is the license free to distribute throughout various workstations and laptops here at our company location to perform the editing of scripts? The editor is an internal part of the program and would require a license for each copy being used. You can however use Notepad, Write or MS Word to edit any script file. 32
ALL What is the best, and quickest way to purchase a software license. We have a school board P.O. already to go. The fastest method would be to purchase the software license only(download the program from the net). Then, email the PO to us. We could fill the order within the hour by sending the software license via email(small zip file attachment). 33
ALL Im curious if I can get a version of this software for educational use. We do offer an educational discount to qualified institutions. You will need to purchase directly from DRS for the discount. 36
ALL We' Yes, updates to all products are included with the original purchase. The upgrade to a different major version is not covered. 37
ALL The license is for life or is there an extra fee a year? Is the total cost or is there any tax to pay ? The license is for life, no fee, no more payment. NO tax unless you live in Nevada. 40
ALL Jerky or watery text scrolling movement? Too many multitasking processes running in your computer.<br><br> 64
ALL The mouse control for scrolling speed does not work. Install the correct mouse driver software first. 69
ALL When I start your teleprompting software, a message tells me comctl32.dll is wrong. Install the most recent version from our web site. This will refresh all dll's.
ALL I having all sorts of problems trying to use your software on a Dual monitor system. The text is backwards on my computer display. Is there an easy way of setting the program up for Dual Monitors? Yes, see the Windows [Control Panel] [Display] options to set the second monitor as number 2 and EXTEND the desktop onto monitor number 2. 92
ALL what should I look for when buying a teleprompter monitor. Are there any problems with the cheap LCD monitors? Before buying a monitor, we would try a few runs on the monitor before buying. 101
ALL Is there an uninstall? Add and Remove will not work. Yes there is an un-install that is part of the install package. If you have removed the un-install you can locate the install folder and delete it without causing problems. 113
ALL I do not want to send my credit card number using email for a license purchase, what are my options? Well, you can send the information in separate parts. We only need the credit card number and expiration. Please include all user and address information for our records. 124
ALL Will your software work with a Matrox video card? Dual and Multiple display card Issues (All windows versions) 138
DEB I am looking for a way to automatically post our daily calendar events on the television screens around our church. Another church I spoke with said that they use DeBoard. Any idea how this might be done? One needs to replace the files (text or image files) that DeBoard is reading from, while it is running. The replacement method (scheduled "file copy") must place the file with the same file name into the folder where DeBoard is reading from, then the next time the file is reloaded, it is fresh content. DeBoard reads the file entirely into memory, and there should not be any file I/O conflicts. 21
DEB How can I refresh the images or data withouth stoping the information display using DeBoard? When DeBoard loads a text document, it loads the entire document (or as much as possible) into memory. This will let you change and re-load a text document(s) while DeBoard is running. You must save the Text file separately from the project. That is, after changing the text in the text file you must re-save the text file, else the changes will be lost when played. If you add another Text Box to DeBoard, you must re-save the project, else the text box information is lost when played. Images are r 50
DEB Access Violation in DeBoard This error is usually caused by one of two possible problems. 1) The Crawl Line is running without any delay "0", and if using images(Image Boxes) with a short display time(1 or 2 seconds). Basically, to much is happening to fast, slow the crawl line down so the threads can do the needed cleanup after each image. Explanation: 80
DEB How do I use DeBoard as a slide show? Follow the tutorial section on slide shows. 88
DEB How do I use the DeBoard <b>Reload</b> Text file while playing feature. When DeBoard loads a text document, it loads the entire document (or as much as possible) into memory. This will let you change and re-load a text document(s) while DeBoard is running. You must save the Text file separately from the project. That is, after changing the text in the text file you must re-save the text file, else the changes will be lost when played. If you add another Text Box to DeBoard, you must re-save the project, else the text box information is lost when played. 94
DEB Can you tell me about the DeBoard Drag and Drop Startup options? 1) First, Assume Deboard is install in directory <b>C:XX</b> and the project's name is "Test" 95
DEB How do I use the DirectX video feed in DeBoard? Using DX8 for live video feed. REQUIRES MS DX8.0A/8.1 or higher be installed. 104
DEB How do I use the TempTrax temperature probe with DeBoard? DeBoard can read the original Temptrax temperature files. The TempTrax program must be started prior to starting DeBoard to activate its use in DeBoard. This can be used to play the temperature box on any monitor being run by DeBoard. There are two edit boxes used to add text to the temperature display. They are located on the [Text Composer] page next to the time/date text box. They will only appear when [Read Temperature File] is checked on the [Project Settings] page. The 105
DEB How do I start a new project from scratch in DeBoard? See the Tutorial section of the help system. 107
DEB Can you tell how to use DeBoard as a simple slide show presentation? See the Tutorial section of the help system. 108
DEB How do I Align text and graphic boxes with or without frames. Discussion: DeBoard's text and graphic objects include a frame option. This option builds a frame inside of a text or graphic box, not on the outside of the box. Therefore, when sizing or aligning boxes on the align screen, the box dimensions include the frame width you specify on the Project Settings page. 109
DEB We are running Deboard here at our school and we are having a wierd problem. Once we play the completely set up program a lot of text is being dropped. We can not figure out why words are being lost...the are in the text composer but are omitted in the Please email us for support. 24
DEB When I play the sequence in DeBoard, can i continue using the PC in other window. I ask that because if I display the image on the pc screen, can I continue using the pc?.. No, if running DeBoard, it must be the only application that writes to, or updates the PC screen. 49
DEB Is it possible to ad more windows (we would use it to scroll text not video or images) in DeBoard. DeBoard can use three text boxes and one crawl line at the same time. These can be displayed on one monitor or four separate monitors. 51
DEB What files are used by DeBoard? When you save the project, the project will include the names of the text files that are used in the "SFG" file. The "SFG" file is a text file(in the "ini" file format) that is human readable. I snipped out the part that contains the text file names and the image lists from the "default.sfg" file. 81
DEB Using DX8 for live video feed. REQUIRES MS DX8.0A/8.1 or higher be installed.<br><br> 82
DEB Will DeBoard run under win98 with two display adapters, one for the monitor and editing off line the other for composite video output to be playing all the time. Yes, version 1.5.5 and greater will control up to 4 separate monitors. 86
DEB Starting a DeBoard project from scratch, what do I do? Follow these steps<br><br> 87
DEB Multiple Monitor support using DeBoard. If you have two or more (up to 4) monitors attached your computer DeBoard can use one of them for editing and one for Playing. 93
DEB Using DeBoard, my images on the plasma screen are blury when I stretch the pictures. Yet if I run the same presentation on powerpoint the picture is fine. two of my images are bmp. and 1 is JPG. What should I do to make my images more clear? If Image Stretch is ON, all images are re-sized on the fly as needed to fit the image boxes. The images are also converted on the fly to bitmaps(*.bmp) for the actual display. 103
DEB Will DeBoard run under win98 with two display adapters, one for monitor and editing off line the other for composite video output to be playing all the time. Yes, version 1.5.5 and greater will control up to 4 separate monitors. 106
DEB With DeBoard, I thought we would get a better picture from the Hauppauge hardware based equipment. Unfortunately, every time I try to play error message that says: É_oDX ERROR: Render Current Graph failedÉ__. Is this an incompatibility issue with the Haupp You are right in your assumption "Is this an incompatibility issue with the Hauppauge". There is a compatibility problem between your HauppaugeWinTV hardware and the OS DirectX video Services. Try to install a updated driver that will permit the Windows DirectX video services to communicate with the HauppaugeWinTV hardware.<br><br> 112
DEB We were wondering if the time and date box could made to scroll or move slightly while running. You might want to try the Long Date format (more variation), this may help the burn-in problem. 10
DEC DeCrawler, The term "smooth fonts" is attached to a check box. Yet, the help index does not recognize the term. This refers to the edges of the fonts, whether they are jagged or smooth. In the programs help system look under [Effects][Font Size Multiplier]. 139
DEC DeCrawler: The "speed delay" that I assume means scroll speed spans 0 to 30. On a speedometer in a car 2mph is twice as fast as 1mph. The speed delay is added to the process. 30 is very slow, 0 is very fast. You may need to change the color depth in your Windows [Display] settings to 16 bit for more speed control, or 24/32 bit to slow the the speed down even further. 140
DEC DeCrawler,With a font multiplier of 3 the bottom third of all the letters in the scroll text disappears The font multiplier multiples the current font size by this multiplier factor. I.e. If current editor font size is "30" the multiple will make it font size "90" during horizontal scrolling . If the letters are cutoff, it is because the font may be to large to display using your current windows screen size(800x600,1024x768,etc.). Try a smaller multiplier or larger windows screen size. 141
LIT From the UK, our school has no credit card how can we buy Liteprompter? We can accept a money order or wire transfer. We can provide the wire transfer account information if your purchasing agent contacts us requesting the bank information. 41
LIT I need to know if you ell a teleprompter for a CANON xl2. IF SO - HOW MUCH?? LitePrompter will work with any teleprompter. It will not do reverse mirror text which you may need for your teleprompter hardware. Please look at TeleScreen-32 Pro if you need mirror reverse 47
LIT I have the "liteprmt.key" file that is said to be needed to registered.
This is not a Windows registration file, it is your binary license file. See this page section for install instructions. If the "key" file is corrupted or in-valid please return the file as an email attachment and we will repair it and send it back asap. if possible, we will repair any damaged software license for any licensed customer at no charge using the fastest method. 48
LIT Do you have an option on LitePrompter or an add-on software that will reverse video scan for a prompter. No, LitePrompter does not have this option. If you must have mirror reverse text you might consider upgrading to TeleScreen-32 Pro, it will do reverse mirror text. Please download TeleScreen-32 to see how this works. There are also hardware boxes that can reverse the text but they are a bit expensive. 53
LIT How well does LitePrompter handle right-to-left languages? We use Chaldean and Arabic in our broadcasts. Chances are if you switch the regional and language options and use a true type font(non-unicode), it should work. Download the program and test to verify. 96
LIT Does the LitePrompter run the script in the reverse mirror mode? No but TeleScreen and StudioPrompter do have these options. 119
LIT Since I did your free teleprompter download, will it run in demo mode? Or can it be corrected? I followed the steps for default config., but that must not The program runs in the demo mode until licensed and will randomly displayu the product name when scrolling text. Please see the License Purchase page for license information and prices 125
LIT Is there anyway to see Lite Prompter in action before I buy to see if is what I am looking for? The Liteprompter download from our web site is the full version. If you purchase Liteprompter you will use the version you downloaded after applying the software license. You should try all of the options to make sure the programs performs to your expectations before purchase. We are sure it will do the job! 12
STU Do you have also an upgrade for customer with older Studioprompter? Yes, we can upgrade you to the lastest version. Email DRS for an upgrade price request. If you need to upgrade you can fax, email or phone in your credit card information for a quick order response. 1
STU Do you have demos available for the hand controller? All download programs are the full version with full functionality. 6
STU I would like to know if it is possible to adjust the space between characters with the studioprompter software(kerning function), and what is the difference between the demo and the full version? You can adjust the vertical space between lines but not the horizontal space between letters. Usually your font will determine the horizontal space between letters. 13
STU Any chance a USB controller will be on the horizon which will operate StudioPrompter? Yes we are going to attempt or implement USB control later this year. The Griffin Technology Powermate is programmable and could be setup to emulate scroll up/down and a few basic keystrokes. It may not be perfect but possibly usable. Check back in a month or two, we may have a controller available. 18
STU I am a new user to Studio Prompter 2 and I am trying to use a hand controller, a Griffin PowerMate, to control the program. The Griffin PowerMate usb controller may or may not work(it is not compatible as a speed controller). Because it is programmable, there may be a means to set it up as a mouse controller. 22
STU Does your StudioPrompter Teleprompter software handle Russian Cyrillic, Albanian, Uzbek languages and their fonts? TeleScreen-32: If your computer OS is in the Russian mode and you are using true type fonts and the fonts appear in the font selection panel, you should have no problems. This assumes you are using text files only. 29
STU I try StudioPrompter but doesn' work! I get this error: "12:00:00 AM is not a valid time, Could not create or alter main bit map DC when preparering a fade Bitmap" 1) Your configuration file is missing or is missing entries. 35
STU After reversing script, space bar, start/stop and arrow key speed control no longer function. When using the second monitor for scrolling the primary monitor is the operator's monitor and the keyboard operates the controls on the operators monitor and not the talent monitor. Scroll controls are captured by the talent monitor only, explained below.<br> 38
STU Can your software being used with time code signal for scrolling the text's, it is for a musical show with 7 different singers, and we made an time code signal for each piece of music We are sorry but our software doe not use SMPTE time code. Perhaps a furture version will. 39
STU Tips on using the W95-W98-ME serial hand controller with StudioPrompter Stopping and Pausing 71
STU How do I use the Fading Titles options? Telescreen-32 PRO or StudioPrompter<br> 78
STU We have followed instructions for installing the studprom.bin but the .bin file does not appear as a zipped file. Attempts to copy the .bin file to our laptop are not successful, and we get an "access denied" message. See this URL for "access denied" message when coping from a recorded CD.
STU How do I use the No-Interface mode in TeleScreen or StudioPrompter? TeleScreen version or greater and StudioPrompter or greater. 100
STU StudioPrompter on a PC running XP-Pro. Seems to be running fine, but I have tried several times to set a new default font type and size, but everytime I open a new document or open a new file saved from word it opens in MS Sans Serif, Size: 8. When saving your imported text from MS WORD make sure you save it as an RTF file. The font and font sizes are saved in the RTF text file. MS WORD text if saved as "Text" will use the default font and font size because it can not save this info in the text file as with RTF(RTF saves the font name/font file the RTF file).<br><br> 42
STU When I use reverse mirror text there is a small extra graphic garbage line on the talent screen, under each line? Use the Vertical Spacing adjustment to remove or add vertical space to each line being scrolled. If the space between the lines is to large you may see artifacts or partial lines when using reverse mirror text. Adjusting the Vertical Spacing to a smaller amount will correct this. 60
STU Is there a way begin scrolling at a predetermined point other than the beginning? You can use the jump markers to do this.<br> 62
STU I still can not get the teleprompter sofware to work for me? Because there are a zillion different computer hardware and windows software configurations, there may be remedies and methods not listed here. Email or call us with your platform's configuration if you are having problems getting StudioPrompter working for you. 67
STU Start from cursor does not work. In version of StudioPrompter you must use the [Alt][P] keyboard shortcut to start your scrolling session if using [Start From Cursor]. Using the mouse to click the play button will remove the cursor from the text editor. This will make the "start from line", the first line in the text. This will be changed in the nexrt revision. 72
STU Using AutoStart to start scrolling on program startup. In version 1.7.4 or greater of StudioPrompter you must use the [Save Default Configuration] in addtion to the shortcut modification. 73
STU Using the Matrox G400/G450 video adapter with StudioPrompter Matrox G450/550 video adapter with StudioPrompter (not compatible with W95) 74
STU The Task Bar scrolls up the screen when in 800x600 resolution. In W95/98 StudioPrompter you must use the [Start][Taskbar & Start Menu][Taskbar Options] to uncheck the [Task Bar On Top]. This will prevent the Task Bar from insisting that it be on top. When it is on top, and will not allow itself to be hidden, it scrolls up the screen the first time a scroll is started. 75
STU In Studioprompter 3, I lose the end of line word, or the last word in a line some times. I have changed the Window Size setting to reformat the text but still clipping text? Setting the gutter width setting to 4 or 5 clears up the issue. The gutter width adds a clipping margin that prevents text words from being dropped when scrolled. (I.e. it forces a tighter word-wrap). 102
STU We have a shoot tomorrow in the Bulgarian language, and are having MAJOR problems with Studio Prompter. Although everything seems to work in Cyrillic, the RTF file we are using causes StudioPrompter to crash. If you are using 16bit Unicode characters/font. This will not work. Convert to 8bit True type font. 2. You may have the file open in Word, common problem. The startup errors are possibly caused when loading the problem RTF file on startup. 110
STU When using copy and paste in Word to paste text into StudioPrompter3 some of the end of line characters are missing. Some times a combination of Hard Returns, Double Quotes, Hyphens and Bullets can cause display problems when played. Double quotes and bullters cause most of the problems. It sometimes appears that they where interpreted as an screen unprintable character.<br><br>The fix is simply save as a text only file in StudioPrompter3. This will strip out any non-screen printable characters and the document will be okay again. You will have to reassign the font and colors and can then re-save a 117
STU After importing text from MS Word or WordPad I have extra characters on the display screen. More than likely, there are soft returns and - or too many hard returns in the original script causing it to wrap strangely or drop the end of lines. This is a common issue for new users. There should only be one [hard return] at the end of each paragraph. 121
STU We have a small TV Studio with 3 cameras but only 1 teleprompter at the moment. Could you please give us some guidance as to what products would be most suitable for our use? We would suggest our StudioPrompter III product. It has all of the features you will need in a professional teleprompting studio. The online version from our web site is the full version that runs in the demo mode until licensed. 126
STU StudioPrompter - We have never been able to see an upright image once the text is reversed and taping the reflective plastic to the side of the laptop is a pain. Do you have any newer software that does not reverse the text on the laptop while reversing Please download and install the most recent version of the "3" series from our web site download page. When using the software in the Dual Screen mode, the operator screen displays a quarter panel view of the scrolling text non reversed. Your version should have this feature as well. See the short tutorial after installing the current version for tips on using dual monitors. 127
STU When using Text Markers, the [Page up/down] facility also does not jump to the next or previous Text Marker while scrolling, as it controls the speed ...? Use can use [Use PGUP/PGDN] option from the Text Marker Panel to jump to the next or previous Text Marker while scrolling. Using this option disables the PGUP/PGDN keys for speed control. 132
STU When Prompting, if you click the right arrow key, prompting ends and you go to the edit display, the right key is frequently pressed by accident. Set [Start Stop][Close Play Screen with Esc] to checked, then the program will pause instead. 133
STU Whenever i load the rtf flies then open with black background even when i save them in white background. How do i get the rtf files to open them the way i save them The default background color is not saved in RTF files, it is set by the program that is used to compose the RTF file. 137
STU We have downloaded your StudioPrompter trial but would like to know if we can use it for Japanese prompting. Yes it will work with the Japanese language fonts. 142
STU StudioPrompter: I get an error 5 when using the Laptop Flip option. The error rarely occurs when a graphic image of the text can not be generated. Since this is a catch all error we suggest looking into the color depth of the secondary monitor in the Windows [Display Settings]. 143
STU In reverse text mode, artifacts are being introduced between lines. Adjust the vertical spacing. 7
TEL I am in need of a quote for TeleScreen 32 PRO. I understand you give Educational discouts Please? The price for the TeleScreen 32 Pro5 license is MSRP less 10 to 15 percent educational discount. If there is any further information you need please contact DRS via email or phone. 2
TEL First, Is there a way to display the text on my computer or on another monitor next to the computer without it being mirrored? Not sure we understand the question. If you are using a scan converter it may have another video output or you can use a (NTSC) video signal spliter/amp connected to you scan converter NTSC output after your SVGA out. 15
TEL Great product but I need to vary the scrolling speed as I speak preferably by using a scroll wheel on a mouse or some other remote device. Can you tell me how I can do this please? If you can not use the arrow keys you might consider the following. 19
TEL I am very happy to know if you have the pocket prompter since it has great market in China! I am sorry we do not have any pocket prompter software, Only PC teleprompter software. 23
TEL Does your software use MS Word? No, not directly. 31
TEL I am in a local band and I am looking for something to substitute song books and cheat sheets. What software could be adapted to use for music lyrics/chords. You might want to try our TeleScreen-32 product. Don' know how you 44
TEL I am looking for a Presidential Teleprompter system, mainly for drilling purposes. I need a package, with all elements so that it can be set up. I do not mind used equipment, can you help me? You might want to try the resellers on our FAQ web page. They all sell reasonable priced teleprompter hardware using our teleprompter software. 46
TEL I would like to know if your company has a store or where we can find TELESCREEN 32 PRO in New York or Miami? You or you company can order the software license online from anywhere. We will send the software license as a small email attachment. If you order a boxed version(manual and program) it will take 3 to 10 days in the USA. 52
TEL I get a blank screen after clicking play, what could be wrong? Is the font color the same as the background screen color? 65
TEL I have a 486 Laptop, I got TeleScreen-32 PRO to work! I have a 496 Laptop and at first, it was just way too pokey. . . 76
TEL How do I use the Reversing function (scroll in reverse direction)? How to use the Reversing function. 77
TEL We can display Powerpoint presentations on the teleprompter, but for some reason we can no longer display anything from the Telescreen software. If you can see the desktop then you should be okay with TeleScreen-32. 84
TEL Can you provide more support information for TeleScreen-32 Pro? I have listed information links for TeleScreen-32 Pro below. 114
TEL I have just installed MS AntiSpyware. Now TeleScreen or Studioprompter does not work, why? Possible problems may occur during software installation if MS AntiSpyware is active. If there is a pause during product installation, wait until AntiSpyware has validated the installation permissions (if online, validated through MS web site) . This may take a minute or two. Make sure you have the most recent spy ware definitions loaded. If there is still a problem running the product, disable MS AntiSpyware until you have the most current definitions loaded. 7/3/05 116
TEL Your teleprompter software has been used extensively on my laptop, last week this was stolen. Sorry to hear about your laptop. The registration file "liteprmt.key" that you received from us when you purchased your software, is the only file needed for your registration/license. If you can not locate this file or it is lost, you will need to buy a registration/license recovery service form us. There is a small fee($30)charged to validate, verify your ID and re-issue the registration/license. This can be purchased online from our purchase page. 3
TEL Sometime stray characters appear when prompting. When we go into edit mode, those characters are not there. A combination of Hard Returns, Soft Returns, Double Quotes, Hyphens and Bullets can cause display problems when played. Double quotes and bullets cause most of the problems. It sometimes appears that they where interpreted as an screen unprintable character or codes. The fix is simply save as a text only file in StudioPrompter3 as you are doing. This will strip out any non-screen printable characters and the document will be okay again. If possible you should try to reset MS WORDs settings t 136
TEL We have version of Telescreen 32 Pro. Is there a free upgrade available? Here is the URL for the last update release of 14
TEL Main aim is to scroll a certain text on TV in a broadcast channel Using ur software and hardware, we need to display some images, layers and texts on TV. PLease take a look at our DeBoard product. It may be a solution. 27
TEL My clients come with their script already on a floppy in a Word document format to be copied onto a laptop that will run your Teleprompter software.. Will your software handle that? TeleScreen-32: Yes, If the file was saved MS Word Text file document format. 30
TEL Is it possible to underline (or format) just one word for emphasis? Bold, underline and italic font characteristics can not be saved because TeleScreen-32 Pro uses text type files for scripts. This limits the font characteristics that can be saved within the file. If you must have individual font characteristics please try StudioPrompter which does use complete font formatting. 34
TEL When trying to reverse script, the reverse runs very slow. Yes the current 3.0 version does reverse slowly. Make sure your computer 45
TEL Where is the Second Monitor menu option in TeleScreen-32 v5? (Also applies to StudioPrompter 3) With TeleScreen-32 version 5 and StudioPrompter version 3 the Second Monitor menu option (on the top main menu) appears when your second display appears to Windows as a separate second display adapter. The clone virtual, or copy mode will not work because the same signal is going to both monitors. In the [Control Panel][Display][Settings] panel, make sure you have "Extend my Windows desktop onto this Monitor" checked. You will need to restart the program after changing this setting. 55
TEL The scrolling motion or keyboard response is too slow. In all DRS teleprompting programs you can change the scrolling speed, while scrolling text, by using the Page and Arrow keys. If these keys do not seem to change the speed try changing to the 8/16 bit color display mode in Windows Control Panel Display Settings or buy another video card with more video ram. 59
TEL The scrolling speed seems to change by itself. Another common symptom is the speed is much slower or faster after scrolling, returning to the edit screen, and then playing again. 61
TEL When I use the mouse wheel to control the speed, scrolling starts off jumpy. This is caused by TeleScreen-32 loading the windows mouse wheel driver. 63
TEL When adjusting the speed or font size while scrolling (using the adjustment play screen) it takes a long time to register the changes I made. The program checks for changes such as keystrokes, page down, page up, arrow keys, escape, space bar, and mouse clicks only at the end of a scrolled line, or after a line has finished being painted on the screen. The larger the font size, the slower response time for speed change. 66
TEL We need to reinstall our software and we cant. We have the diskette of TeleScreen-32 Pro but it is not working anymore. I need a licenses and or a backup First, go to our Download Page then download the needed software. If you require an earlier version contact DRS support.  83
TEL I have recently downloaded Telescreen-32 Pro 5. I typed in the all the text I wanted and it looks fine when I view it in the edit screen but when I play it, "TeleScreen 5" pops up periodically throughout which takes away a line of text. How can I get r If you do not own a software license the program will run in the DEMO mode as you have described. Purchase a license to unlock the DEMO mode. 89
TEL When using the Start from curson option it does not work. I am using an older mouseless laptop. The finger pad works for all other options. If left clicking on the text line in the editor to set the option fails, the finger pad driver is the problem more than likely. Attach a standard mouse to you laptop and the Start from curson option will work as intended. 90
TEL The text markers in TeleScreen-32 do not work! When I press the CTRL key and a number then release the CTRL key, nothing happens during scrolling text. What am I doing wrong? The [Ctrl]#[Ctrl] sequence will only work when the Play Screen(Talent Monitor) has focus(mouse and keyboard). If using a Dual Monitor system, use the [Text Marker] panel options to click to the desired [Text Marker] location in your script, while scrolling. 91
TEL We want to display the output of an Excel file as an endless scrolling text. Can we import an Excel file into Telescreen? Can we then retain the formatting, control the font, colors of text and background, and the scroll speed? Yes you should be able to save the Excel data as a text file, then load and play using the Loop mode in TeleScreen-32. You should download TeleScreen-32 and install to verify this. 97
TEL I want to use an Excel spread sheet in a scrolling teleprompter style. Does your software do this? Yes using StudioPrompter
TEL We tried to copy some text-files in non-english language fonts such as russian (cyrillic font) or japanese into the TeleScreen-32 program. Even though microsoft word on the same computer could show these textes, tele screen could not. TeleScreen-32 Pro is a text only prompter and Uni-code/16 bit fonts will not work with TeleScreen-32 Pro. It will read and scroll text from standard text (*.TXT) files. A few adjustments to your Windows OS may be necessary to improve the display appearance of your non-western fonts. The [Regional and Language] option in the Windows [Control Panel] should be set to the native country of the language font you are using. 111
TEL When I start TeleScreen-32 Pro my computer generates an error and shuts down. I installed anti virus anti spyware yesterday. (Applies also to LitePrompter and Studioprompter3) Lately a few anti virus and anti-spyware programs have caused problems. In particular, the I/O script file loading and configuration saving. These virus programs may not recognize DRS product file or memory operations. 115
TEL How do I change the format to use [Text Only] compatible fonts? The fonts you are using may be 16 bit unicode fonts. These fonts will not work in TeleScreen-32. 120
TEL Do unicode fonts work in TeleScreen? These 16 bit fonts will not work in TeleScreen-32 Pro. 122
TEL With TeleScreen-32 Pro v 3 I need to view the software abilities and see its functions. All software from the download pages are the full version and have no function limits. The software will run in the demo mode until licensed. For more information and downloads <a href=> see this page</a> 128
TEL With TeleScreen-32 how about being able to highlight or emphasise other than just upper case? If you were using one of the RTF file prompters you could do that because the bold/highlight would be saved in the RTF file. Because TeleScreen-32 uses 8 bit text type files the Bold/highlight would not be saved in the text file hence can not be saved. 129
TEL Is it possible to jump whilst in the prompt mode using text markers? To jump to a text marker position, while scrolling, press and hold the [Ctrl] key and then enter the 3 digit marker number. For example, to move to the third text marker position, press [Ctrl] then enter [003] . 131
TEL When Prompting, the ability to reverse the scrolling seems to work intermittently and seems to only work if scrolling speed is set above a certain speed. When your speed control or direction method does not seem to change anything, it usually indicates that your machine is working extra hard to scroll the graphic page in your current screen resolution and color depth. The various keyboard and mouse controls will also react sluggishly. To remedy this situation you should change your color depth to 8 or 16 bit and change to screen resolution to 800x600 or 1024x768. To change your color resolution ot color depth, use the [Start] [Settings] [Contr 134
TEL When you insert text markers and prompt, somehow the [Play from cursor position] unchecks and the display starts from the beginning when you want to play from a text marker. These two options can not be used at the same time. You can not "Start from Cursor" and start from a text marker at the same time. They disable each other if you try. [Play from Cursor] overrides and disables the text markers until [Play from Cursor] is disabled. Or if more text markers are added [Play from Cursor] is also disabled. 135
TEL Is there a version 5 manual available for me to download? Yes, please go to our Download Page to view the manuals and tutorials for download. 4
TEL In Telescreen there still is no capability to color or emphasize fonts line by line? This is true. TeleScreen-32 Pro is a text based teleprompter. If you must have multiple fonts and colors please see our StudioPrompter product. 5
TEL Why when I stop the scrolling to correct the word then I want restart from the cursor, the editing screen will not show where I stop execatly. The current version does just as you described. It is being changed in the StudioPrompter3 and has been released. 11
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