TelePrompter Software and Digital Signage Software DeBoard Update History
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1.5.0 Major Maintenance release 9/23/98 Audio is disabled in this version
1.5.1 Maintenance release 9/24/98
1.5.2 Major Maintenance II 11/21/98
0) New Page Interface
1) Use a text file for crawl box input
2) All play screen objects are now sizable using drag & drop (crawl box also)
3) Use images for backgrounds
4) Dual Monitor Support
5) Reload text files while playing
6) All objects have Frames: gradient, solid or space.
7) Play screen Object Auto Sizing
8) Uses Jpeg & Bmp Images
9) And much more, new help subsystem will be released Dec. 2 - 98. 1) Added local [Reload while playing] for Dual Monitor systems
2) Fixed AVI view option.
3) Added Jpeg background image support.
4) Added "How To" examples to readme.txt file.
11/25/98 1) Four monitor support (all at once)
2) Added 1 more text scroll box and 2 more image boxes.
3) Space bar pauses
4) Removed the auto resize from the edit screen.
5) Docs and help files to follow.
Still working on :AVI playing does not work well.
Still working on :Midi file playing alters scroll speed. 1) Multi Monitor Support.
To use this option you will need to be running Win98 and have installed and configured upto 4 video cards. We have used no-name S3 chipset video cards with good results. They have 4 meg of video ram each. The cards were around $39 each from out local retailer. 

2) One additional scroll box and two graphic/image boxes were also added. These also required an extra editing text box and two more image lists. 

3) Small wav files can also be played. They need to fit into available ram however.

4) More frames have been added. They include box drop shadows in solid and gradient colors.

5) The date/time panel can now use the long and short date and time formats

6) Key Board keys:
a) [Esc] key can now be used to close the alignment screen and the play screen.
b) The [space bar] will pause all scroll and image boxes. This is a toggle.


1.5.6 3/22/99
1) Added Drag and Drop startup
Drop a project file on the Deboard Icon to start automatically.
2) Import directories of images into image lists.
4) Added margin resizing using a slider for text objects.
3) Fixed small mem leak when exiting DeBoard.
On some machines with 24 meg of ram or less, they would run out of memory after tweaking the program settings for a few hours.
1.5.8 4/2/99
Maintenance re-release of 1.5.6 

1.5.9 4/15/99 
1) Added "TempTrax" temperature probe input and a  text object box for the temperature display output every 1.5 minutes. 
Working on image wipes and transitions.
1.5.91 1) Added Wipes for image boxes.
2) Added Page Flip (text box without scrolling).
3) AVI & Sound files may alter the speed of scroll boxes. Slowing the scroll boxes to a read-able speed will correct this. Maintenance release  Still addressing a few W98 AVI issues. 5/23/99 Maintenance release 
Audio Players fixed

1.7.0 7/18/2000
Improverd Crawl Speed
Many New Features being added.
(currently in private beta test)

1.8.1 09/29/00 BETA
1) More page flips
2) Static text boxes
3) Faster crawl 
4) Margin set saved correctly
5) AutoStart 3 ways
 a. Short Cut method
 b. Drag and Drop project file
 c. Use the Auto Start Option
Scroll motor re-write.
Still addressing a few W98 AVI issues. In fact DO NOT PLAY AVI's unless you are using Win Nt4.0.
This will be resolved when we re-write the AVI motor.
1.8.2 All objects types now reload.
Included file transfer utility.

2.0.0 Complete motor thread rewrite. Many new features and many more coming.
Image display consistency
Added Multiple AVI playing (MCI only)
2.0.1 Added DirectX capture input device window.

2.1.3 Added Stop buttons
Crawl Line reload text fixed
1/24/02 Transparency added to flip text.04/29/02  Still working on ATI WONDERTV board.
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