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DRS-DIGITRAX MULTIMEDIA PC SOFTWAR                                                
Modification Problem Maintenance release
Added Anti Alias option.
Fixed Delay settings calculation. Maintenance release  5/11/99 Delay settings not always saving. Added Antialias
Added Outline to fonts
Maintenance release
Update Help system 9/17/99 Windows 2000 Compliant Rewrite
4.0.0 New Features, New Version. 04/02/01
4.1.1 Added Arrow key for direction, added P,R keys for forward and reverse. Updated help system.
4.1.2 Changed Windows 2K and XP screen closing behaviors. 02/22/02 After exiting application using the Close [X] icon, main panel image would remain on desktop.
4.2.2 Added   auto-save setting.
There are a few color setting issues still be worked on.
Current release is packaged as version
Maintenance release
Fixed color issues, interface changes

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