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Version Modification Problem Comment 1)  New Stuff BETA version
Know Bugs:
1) After playing avi, scroll screen slows down is using pixel format of 'Device'.
2) Activating second monitor takes 2 clicks some times. Fixed
3/22/2000 Maint. Release.
Fixed second monitor problems.
4/3/2000 Fixed Alt+Function key problem.
Re-do hand controller code. 
Code is in external dll "hndctrl.dll'

1.0.3 Added game port controller
(being tested in-house until 5/21/00)

1.1.2 6/1/2000 Added RTF text
Added fading/scrolling on image background
Maint. Release
Still working on Markers and Color Issues. 1) Fixed Jump To Markers
2) Fixed Start From Cursor
Still working on large file load times, 300kb+ take a while to load on startup.
07/04/2000 Start from cursor, Markers, Alt Files, Foreign Languages.
Maint. Release.
7/20/2000 Maint. Release.
7/30/2000 Double Spacing
More Error traps

Maint. Release.

Still having problems when fading omn image background @ 800x600 in 32 bit video, 640x480 works fine.. Changed second monitor management routines. 
Fixed Autostartup using the Shortcut method.
Maint. Release
Maint. Release
10/18/00 Hand Controller Tweaks
Changed "Stop @ End'
AVI plays Left Justified only.
Problem was:
Odd behavior when using game port controller problem. Windows 2000 Build
Fixed font scoll box sizing issues Major Maint. Release.
Media Players options
02/15/01 Maint Release
2.0.0 Start of New Features, etc. Mid May-01
2.0.0E  New Features, etc.
Pixel Processing;
This option will now only allow bit color depths to be selected that are equal or less than the actual color depth of the current OS color display mode. Pixel Processing changes should only be used when the speed of scrolling must be tuned to the current OS color display mode.
This options alters the color depth of the 
internal graphics scrolling engine.
The [X] [Reload Loop Text] option is used to
reload the text script when looping. If this
option is used, the text script file will be
Cleared and then reloaded from it original 
disk location before beginning the next scroll loop. This should be used when the text is going to be changing by another process. It is assumed that the file will be re-copied to the original disk location using the same script name. 
The Read time configurations options 
are changed as follows. The [Words Per
Minute][Configure] option will automatically
set the options to attain the desired words per
minute reading time of the current script.
To use this option enter or change the Words
Per Minute to the desired rate and click
[Configure]. The [Total Read Time][Configure] will set the  speed and other settings to run the script  within the desired amount of time in seconds. Example: If the script must be read in 2 minutes (120 seconds), enter "120" into the [Total Read Time] and click [Configure]. The actual read time may vary by a small amount. 
The [X] [Over Ride Sizing] Option
The option is used to control the scroll box
sizing when using the reverse scroll function.
When this option is checked, the scroll box
size will be the actual size selected in the [Window Size] option. When using this mode there may be partial lines scrolled when going into reverse scroll.

If the  [ ] Over Ride Sizing is NOT checked then auto sizing will be applied to the scrolling box to prevent partial lines from being viewed when using reverse scroll.
This option can be used to adjust the blank
space between lines when scrolling text.

The "0" position on the Vertical spacing
slider is meant to be used when your 
text is in all caps.  Using this setting
(set to "0") will cut off descending characters
in text that is not capitalized. To prevent the
cutoff, adjust the Vertical spacing to about 10.
Use the [Save Configuration] option to save
You’re vertical spacing settings.
To use a Matrox DualHead G450 etc, you
must download the "Matrox" version of the 
handctrl.dll from
After downloading the dll file, copy it to your
existing StudioPrompter folder (overwrite your
existing handctrl.dll file). Then restart 
StudioPrompter and use the new option on
the Play Options Panel named [Use DualHead].
This will divert all play screen display operations to the second half of the DualHead screen while leaving the Operator Console screen operating (speed adjust etc.). If you are not in the Dual Head display mode (set in the windows/matrox display mode settings) The primary screen will be divided in two when scrolling. This may not be your desired mode and should not be used.
When using a Dual Monitor setup you will have an additional option panel named [Monitor]. This panel will display a scrolling text box showing the text that is being scrolled on the Talent monitor. To change the font size, color, etc of the Operator Monitor Display, right click on the Monitor panel. 

2.0.2 08/9/01 W98/ME Matrox users do not need any special DLLs any longer with this version.  W98/ME Matrox systems malfunctioned when redirecting to second monitor. FIXED
2.0.3 01/31/02 Windows XP Maint. Release
2.1.1 Added Arrow key for direction, added P,R keys for forward and reverse. Updated help system.02/12/02 Changed Windows 2K and XP screen closing behaviors.  A few new check boxes added. 02/16/02 Image would remain on desktop after closing. Non damaging bug, screen  just looked strange. Added Laptop Flip and Top To Bottom scroll. See help system on how to use these features. Changed the jump marker management and operator monitor display functions.
2.1.5 Windows ME Maint. Release  Changed VCR controls when using dual monitors.  Fixed background colors when using Alt Files. 04/17/02 Modified Second Monitor VCR controls
Added More New Features:
Foreign Lanuage override
Auto Save Feature
LapTop FlipScroll
Top to Bottom Scroll
Spacebar to Start
[Esc] key close options
Markers Options re-write
Real time text effects
08/27/02 1) Corrected speed delay issue that occurred one some machines.
2) Removed mouse controls when using second monitor.  All controls are now on the operator monitor when using the Dual Monitor options.
Laptop-Flip with Reverse Mirror Text do not function correctly. This will be fixed in version 2.99 (Pre-release of version 3.0 in April-03)
Pre release of version 3
Added Image Slide player, talk back, improved dual monitor support and  operator monitor. 2/15/05
New help system in program only.
3.0.2 03/03/05
Fixed "Save Configuration" option.
Changed "Factory Defaults"
"Save Configuration As" errors
new items added to "Factory Defaults"
3.2.1 06/01/05
Fixed problems in "Alternate files", Show Editor Only,  and adjusted Dual Monitor support.

3.2.2 07/07/05
Maint. Release,  New installer and added INEWS and other program compatibility's features.
New command line startup options will start, load file, scroll and quit program.
3.3.2 11/07/05 Fixed looping issues.
7/6/06  Adjusted Laptop flip and  Word text file import background color
Use clean text files for laptop flip mode(No Word control Codes)
9/8/06 Changed demo mode to not delete a line. Added foreign lang interface support
3.7.1 2/8/07 Changed demo mode to delete a line.
12/26/07 Security Update and added movable center marker. Simplified interface. 2/15/08 Interface changes, new help (chm) system. Added movable ctr pointer & spell check

3/18/08 More new controls and Interface plus vista  help system

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