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Need specific answers to your questions?  

Support Question and Answer Page contains up-to-the-minute help information. 
Before you contact us for support, please check the support links below. 
These links resolve 99% of most support issues.

TeleScreen-32 Pro

Trouble Shooting
The How To's

                                              TeleScreen-32 Teleprompter

StudioPrompter &
StudioPrompter Lite


Trouble Shooting & How To's
Online Help System
Feature List

If your program is running in the DEMO mode or you having software license installation problems?

If after following instructions that where sent with your purchased prompter software license and the license file does not seem to work (the [Help][About ...] panel shows no registered user) read the following:
Most email program have no problems extracting the binary registration file that was sent to you. However there are some email programs (like MS OutLook) that may damage or discard the binary registration file because the extraction process thinks the registration file may be a virus. If your email program has virus checking turned on, turn it off long enough to extract the attached binary software license  file. If this does not solve this issue please see License Trouble Shooting.
Program Installation problems
Most install problems are caused by previous software installations that leave installation files in the temp folder you are trying to install from. If you have had installation problems, move the original download file into a clean empty temporary folder and try the install again.

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