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LitePrompter v4 Software Information
The prompter software of choice for the video pro on a budget. The favorite of educational institutions world-wide!


StudioPrompter Lite v1 Software Information
The Dual Monitor Teleprompter software for the serious and budget minded teleprompter user with today's Multimedia PC. Compatible with all prompter hardware.

TeleScreen-32 Pro v6 Software Information  
The latest teleprompter software choice for the Dual Monitor PC users world-wide. Can be used with any standard prompting hardware.


The Premiere Dual Monitor Teleprompter software for the pro video studio using today's multimedia PC. Compatible with all prompter hardware. 


Lost Software License Recovery
If after your 90 days you have lost or misplaced your original software license file, you can re-order your originally purchased license here. All recoveries include your software license and the URL download for the program re-installation(of your version). All recoveries are usually email delivered within the hour. If you need to upgrade or exchange versions please call or email for pricing .

The following softwares are past final releases.
Limited Update Support Available

TeleScreen-32 Pro v4
Last release of version 4 - Contact us for the download URL

TeleScreen-32 Pro v3
Last release of version 3 - Contact us for the download URL

StudioPrompter v4
Last release of version 4 - Contact us for the download URL

Please read before you purchase a license....
All teleprompter software products include free updates to the purchased major version, human support via email and our updated support web pages.

Software licenses are NOT machine generated or automatically sent.  Your purchased software license package is hand generated and verified by sales at DRS-DIGITRAX Services before being sent.  Our software license email delivery can take 15 minutes to few hours.  If you require a software license immediately via email, please phone DRS-DIGITRAX Sales to place your order. 
Verify that the software performs to your complete satisfaction on the production equipment that it is intended to be used on before purchasing.  Because the software license you will receive is not copy protected, we can not offer refunds after purchase and all sales are final.

Software licenses are sent as binary email attachments. Codes and numbers are not used to validate our licenses.  The email license package will contain license installation instructions.  If you have a spam blocker or email filters set up for your email account, please allow your license package to arrive. It will be sent from our domain:
Common reasons for not hearing from us after purchasing a Software Product License:

Your anti-Spam/virus  filter is so strong that we can't reach you, so please contact us for an alternate delivery method.
  • We could not read your hand written e-mail address (fax).
  • You have misspelled your e-mail address. 
  • You omitted the domain name portion of your e-mail address. 
  • Your FAX is unreadable
Click Here For
Fax/Email - Software License Order Form

Click Here For
Purchase Order information

For quantity sales or site license(s). Please contact sales.  All DRS-DIGITRAX products may be ordered directly from DRS-DIGITRAX during business hours.  Have your credit card ready. Software Licenses sent via email, upon credit card approval. 
Upgrade Policy
There is a difference between an upgrade and an update. All updates to DRS-DIGITRAX programs are free. Updates are minor changes and fixes, and are portrayed as a change to the (x) part of the version number. i.e. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. For instance, registered users of TeleScreen-32 3.0 are entitled to TeleScreen-32  3.9 free of charge.
Upgrades are major changes to the program, and normally requires an additional charge. Upgrades are depicted by a change in the left part of the version number. i.e. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc. Please click or call DRS-DIGITRAX for upgrade pricing. 
Refund Policy
Due to the nature of an ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) transactions, and the lack of physical product shipment, product return for a refund is not available.

Lost Software License Policy
60 days after your purchase date, there will be a $35 service fee for to validate and re-generate your software license. This service fee is charged to cover the time it takes to review and verify your I.D. and  past purchases with DRS-DIGITRAX SERVICES INC.
International Software License Orders
For an additional charge ($10 US) overseas wire transfers can also be used for purchases, email Sales for the particulars. Please make sure the currency exchange rate is correct.
Upgrade Info

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