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TeleScreen-32 Pro v6

TeleScreen-32 Pro Software
Are you using an old DOS version of xyz teleprompter software? Do you still use cue cards? TeleScreen-32 is the latest in Dual Monitor professional Prompting software. TeleScreen-32 has all of the user friendly prompter features our customers have come to expect from this easy-to-use prompter software product.

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The Premier autocue software for the pro video studio.  Our latest version supports multiple laptop and podium style script scrolling in any direction.  The slide show option prompts synchronized full screen graphic images on the secondary monitor while playing the script on the primary monitor. Alternate  script files can contain multiple image lists for non stop Lecture style presentations.

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The deluxe dual monitor teleprompter software for the pro. StudioPrompter Lite was developed for the dual screen autocue user. Using multiple monitors frees up the talent to do what they do best when prompting. Even though StudioPrompter Lite was designed for two person prompting it can also be used by a single person on a single monitor very easily.


New to Prompting? LitePrompter lets nearly anyone use a prompter style text teleprompter on their multimedia PC.  LitePrompter can help video professionals to produce teleprompter documentaries and other "talking head" segments with ease. Liteprompter has a built-in editor, no need for an external text editor. Teleprompter software for those on a budget.

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DeBoard 2.1 

  DBoard Software
Advertising/Broadcast Digital Signage System for the multiple screen PC.  DeBoard supports up to four different monitors or four different video outputs at the same time with four different program/advertising  contents! Because DeBoard is completely thread based, you can adjust the scroll, crawl - ticker and image box speeds independently to match your needs. Includes horizontal crawl. Version 2.1 now supports DirectX video window.

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