TeleScreen-32 Pro PC TelePrompter Software
We gladly accept purchase orders from:
  • US Educational Institutions 
  • US Governmental Organizations
  • Qualified Non-Profit Corporations

We do offer quanity discounts to public/government school systems purchasing multiple licenses.

Qualified non-profit Public Access stations also can receive a Promo discount on teleprompter software.
Please include the following information
on your purchase order. Failure to do so may cause your PO to be returned or will delay fulfillment or your order.

  • Include the purchasing company/organizational name, complete address, contact name with phone and product registration name.
  • When ordering the SOFTWARE LICENSE you must include the email address of the person to receive the software license, else delivery is "will call".
  • Include the product name you wish to purchase and the quantity. A printed URL page of the product description will do.
    Note: You must be able to receive a zip or binary email attachment. Failure to do this will result in your software license package being placed on "Will Call".
MAIL purchase orders to:

Federal Tax ID available on request.

    Contact Us

For purchase order quantity discounts or billing questions please call DRS-DIGITRAX SALES during our regular business hours. 

All purchase orders will be verified by phone before orders are shipped. Registration will be emailed usually within 1-4 hours after verification.

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