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We design, code, manufacture and market our own teleprompter and display software's. Our mission is to provide you with innovative prompter software solutions without compromising

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DeCrawler Ticker/Crawl Software
Now with DX8 support. Live video window (DV) supports video capture devices. 
  • 16 million foreground/background colors.
  • Uses windows fonts. 
  • Controls up to 2 monitors.
  • Play a crawl across two monitors
  • Anti Aliased text
  • Windows Style Script Editor (cut, paste, copy, etc.).
  • Variable speed crawl while playing.
  • Uses live multiple text files for input (while playing!)
  • Wave and Midi Multimedia players. 
  • Uses RTF files for multiple font, colors and text attributtes. Import RTF files from Word.
  • Pentium 120 With 24mb ram for single monitor, 32 meg ram for multiple monitor version.
  • Scan Converter Or VGA To NTSC Converter
  • 4+ Meg 64 Bit Video Card.
  • 2 ea S3 type or 1 ea. Matrox 450 video cards 
  • Highly Suggested:  W2K
  • Live Video window requires DX8 or higher and a working DV capture input device The minimum recommended system requirements are Pentium III 450MHz, 64-128MB RAM or better.


  • MS DirectX8, Firewire board,  DV video camera, TVtuner or capture source

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