TeleScreen-32 Pro PC TelePrompter Software

Jump to Markers Use this option to add GoTo  jump markers in your text file.
You can have 0-99 possible jump positions in a single text file.

Use the Mouse Wheel to control scrolling Speed.
In version 1.5.4 or greater, you can use the Mouse Wheel for speed control.

Use the Mouse movement (forward and backward) to control scrolling Speed. LitePrompter

File Menu

The New option clears the current text file.

The Open option opens a different text file.

Save Text File (sub menu) saves the current text file with the same file name.

Save Text File As  (sub menu) saves the current text file with a different file name.

Save Default Configuration saves all current TeleScreen-32ís settings as the default.

Save Configuration As lets you save all current settings with a subject name you choose. Use this option when working with different talent or projects and use long descriptive file names.

Load Configuration to use a previously saved set of settings. It is suggested that you save a different configuration for each teleprompting session if your clients require a wide variety of different settings.

Print lets you print the current text file on paper.

Print Setup (sub menu) allows changes to your current printer setup.


The Configure menu controls how TeleScreen-32 options work and behave. Menu opttions are available from the speed buttons as well as the main menu. The Play options all live in the Mode Configure menu. These options are saved as the default when you click the Configuration save button.

Video Mode toggles from adjustable play screen to video play screen. LitePrompter

Adjust Output Window Size (sub menu) This feature lets you adjust your scrolling output window to any screen size.

Adjust Fading text screen position  (sub menu) This option lets you position the fading text (titling) to any screen position on your screen.

Toggle Screen Clock On just lets you know the current time on the screen.

Use Count Down will generate a 10-second white on black center screen countdown (10-0). This can be used for cueing and recording leaders to videotape.

Use Color Bars,displays color bars (playtime adjustable) during pre-scroll on screen. This will generate a standard DRS color bar set on screen. This is used when recording to videotape.

Use 10 Second background uses 10-second pre-scroll and post-scroll current background. This is used when recording to videotape. It gives you time to manually start and stop you video recorder. This option may change in future versions.

Start by Auto Timerallows you to set the time the scroll begins automatically.

The Set Auto Start Time (sub menu) panel lets you adjust the start time of the auto timer. This option can be used if you are the talent and camera person at the same time. See the How To section for an example.

Set Color Bar Time(sub menu)sets the length of time for the color bar pre-scroll.

Reverse Mirror Text allows reversal of text for "through the lens teleprompters". Note this mode may not work on older video cards. On some machines there a may be a slight jump during scrolling action when in this mode. This is due to a slow video card. See the Problems section.

Start From Cursor allows you to start scrolling from the current cursor position in your text. If you are using Multimedia files with Start From Cursor, they will start at the their beginning irregardless of the cursor's position in current text document. This may change in future versions of TeleScreen-32. LitePrompter

Loop Mode - Repeat will restart scrolling from the beginning of your text when the current document finished scrolling. This option will re-load the document just before TeleScree-32 starts scrolling again. This will permit you to change text documents while scrolling if you have remote access to the text document. The document name must be the same as the name you started with when you began play. If you edit or change your text document in this mode, be sure to save it before playing it. If you donít, the re-load at the end of the first play will re-load the original file name and your changes will be lost. This option may change in future versions. See the How To example.

Configure Keys (LitePrompter sub menu) This option is used to set the (increment or decrement) amount that the arrow and page keys willspeed up or slow down while scrolling. LitePrompter

Font Menu

Type and Size (sub menu) allows you to select your font type and size.

Color  (sub menu) changes the font color.

Background Color (sub menu) allows a change of background color from default black.

Boldhighlights your lettering for dramatic effect.

Underline your text for visible breaks.

Italic can be used for special meanings.

Outline can be used for genlock overlays to prevent color bleed. The outline
has adjustable width and color. Not in Not In LitePrompter

Center Text centers text in editor and scroll screen. It also centers the text inside of a fading text box.

Left Justify Left justifies text in editor and scroll screen.

Right Justify Right justifies text in editor and scroll screen.

Fade Titles (sub menu) This option is included as part of the titling features in TeleScreen-32 teleprompter software. It permits the user to use a text file for leaders or trailers on video tape. This option will work in all resolutions, but works best in the 24/32 bit true color mode. Not In LitePrompter

TV Title uses your text, automatically adjusting to a smaller font size and underlining each text line that follows a blank line. This option is a lifesaver when limited on time for developing titling in an emergency. Not In LitePrompter

The Word wrap option will toggle word wrap on or off when entering text.

Then No Returns (CR) option will turn off the Return/Enter key when entering text.

Return to Editor The text editor is on the last line (in the edit box) that was scrolled  after closing the play screen.

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