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Using the Jump to Markers function
Using the Mouse Wheel to control teleprompting Speed.
Using the Start By Auto Time function for a one person teleprompter shoot
How and when to use the Loop Mode - Repeat feature
How to use the Reversing function
How to use the Start from Cursor function
How to use the Fading Title feature
How to start any of our teleprompting softwares automatically after windows boot-up
When I start your prompter software, a message tells me comctl32.dll is wrong.

Using the Jump to Markers function.Telescreen-32 PRO
Follow these steps.
  1. Enter a ^##^ (where ## is a number from 1-99) any where in your text file to indicate a marker line "jump to".
  2. To start or restart from the marker line, enter the number in the marker number box on the main menu screen. Scrolling will start from this "marked" line.
  3. The ^##^ will be hidden when scrolling.
  4. Use the [Go] bottom to jump to the "marked" text while editing you text.

Using the Mouse Wheel to control prompting Speed.
StudioPrompter,Telescreen-32 PRO
In versions 1.5.4 and greater, you can use the Mouse Wheel for speed control.

For Telescree version 1.5.4 - 2.0.1.
Using windows [Start][Settings][Control Panel] Mouse settings, make sure the wheel is set to "Auto Scroll". To verify that the mouse wheel is working properly start TeleScreen-32 and click on text edit box after loading a text file. If the mouse wheel driver is setup correctly the text box should scroll when you rotate the mouse wheel.

  1. Use the Config Keys options to adjust the amount the mouse wheel will increment or decrement the speed delay amount; while scrolling.
  2. Rotate forward to increase the speed or backward to decrease the speed.
  3. MS and LogiTech Wheel mice have been tested.
  4. Use the [Save C] button or [File] [Save Default Configuration] to save your new speed adjustments.
For Telescreen-32 version 2.5.2 & StudioPrompter
If the mouse wheel does not scroll the text editor, (no need to select mouse wheel),  there may be a mouse driver problem or mouse driver user settings are incorrect. These can include:the following under the [Mouse][Wheel] Settings in the Control Panel:
    Mouse Wheel turned off
    (there is usually a check box for this)
    Turn on Wheel Button
    (clicking the mouse wheel button will zero the delay)
    Turn on Universal Scrolling
    (this will prevent the wheel from working)

    And there are others. Most of the above options have settings that will
    alter the wheel behavior as well. TOP

Using the Start By Auto Time function for a one person teleprompter shoot with a monitor mounted camera.Telescreen-32 PRO Version 2.0.1

Follow these steps.
Position your camera securely on top of a steady monitor that is connected to your computer.

  1. Set the room or stage lighting and background (blue if you are using chroma key).
  2. Load a text document into TeleScreen-32 and adjust the delay, font size and color so it can be read about 12 feet from the monitor (we use 18 feet).
  3. After practicing your lines until you feel comfortable, stop and save the current default configuration.
  4. Click the Mode Configure menu option and select Start With Auto Timer.
  5. Next, click the Set Auto Start Time. This is where we will set the actual time for the teleprompter to start.
  6. On the time setting panel, click the seconds box and change the seconds to 30-45 seconds greater than the current seconds. E.g. so TeleScreen-32 will start 30-45 seconds from now.
  7. Start your video recorder, calmly walk to the talent position, and start reading when the scrolling starts.
 Remarks: The further you are from the camera, the less you will move your eyes while reading.
Use the Count Down as a additional cueing  method. TOP

How and when to use the Loop Mode - Repeat feature.
Telescreen-32 PRO
When Telescreen-32 loads a text document, it loads the entire document (or as much as possible) into memory. This will let you re-load a document while TeleScreen-32 is running.

Follow these steps.
This option requires that you have access to the directory that contains the current document being scrolled. This option can be used via modem (if your modem software permits uploads in the background) or over a network.

While TeleScreen-32 is running, simply copy the modified text file of the same name into the directory where the original document was loaded. E.g. Copy it to the current TeleScreen-32 directory.

When the current document is finished scrolling it will re-load the new document and start from the beginning again.

If the current document is being loaded as you are copying the modified document, the new document will be ignored and you will should get a remote file access error generated by W95/Nt. Try the copy again.
Remark: This is suggested for documents of a minute or greater in scroll time. TOP

How to use the Reversing function.
Telescreen-32 PRO & LitePrompter
The reversing feature can be used to re-position the scrolling start position in your current text script. This function is available when using the video mode or adjustment screens, while scrolling. To invoke this function press and hold the right mouse button while scrolling. This will put the scoller into reverse. To stop the revers, release the right mouse button. The line a the top of the screen (or where the center marker is pointing, if turned on)  is the new starting position. Click the left mouse button to resume scrolling from this new position. If you simply want to reverse to beginning of your script, click the right mouse button and reverse will stop when it reaches the beginning of your script.  If you have Start from Cursor turned on, you will not be able to reverse past the Start from Cursor position in you script document. See Start from Cursor below.

Remark: It is suggested that you use the Ctr Marker On feature when using the reverse function. The marker will point to your new starting position after you release the right mouse button.
Remark: There may be a partial line visible on screen after going into reverse. While this may appear odd, it is because the line being drawn, when you went into reverse, did not completely finish drawing before the reverse actually kicked in. TOP

How to use the Start from Cursor function.
Telescreen-32 PRO & LITE
After setting the cursor position in the editor box (by clicking on a text line), this *new position will be the beginning of your current script file. When you close either of the play screen windows you will be positioned at the *new position. Also, when using the reverse function you can only reverse to this *new position. TOP

How to use the Fading Title feature.
Telescreen-32 PRO

First try using the "fading" sample configuration supplied with Telescreen-32 PRO.
Use the Load Configuration option from the File menu then press play.

To setup your own fading titles follow these steps.
1. Load a text file into TeleScreen-32's editor (main screen) using the [File][Open] option..

2. Set the Screen Res to Full Screen.

3. From the Font menu click on Fade Titles. This will show the fading titles setup window.

4. Click on the first Use Fading Titles option and any other desired options.

5. From the Mode configure menu click on Adjust Fading Test Position.
This will show the fading titles positioning window.

6. Click on Auto Center or Lower Third (or both). You can also click on the small box in the black screen box and move it with your mouse. This will position the fading text box any where on your screen.

7. The main screen Delay Slider controls how long the fade in and fade out last.

8. Press Play to view.

Remark: Once you have correctly setup and played fading titles, use the Save Configuration As to save all the settings for the next time. This will eliminate the setup steps 1-8 above. TOP

How to use the teleprompter Speed Adjustment in Configure Keys.
Telescreen-32 PRO version 2.0.1 or earlier / LitePrompter version 2.0
Note StudioPrompter, Telescreen-32 PRO version  2.5 &  LitePrompter version 3.0 do not use Speed Adjustment.

After installing the program you may need to adjust  the increment or decrement amount that the Arrow keys, Page Keys, (Telescreen-32 PRO Mouse Movement and Mouse Wheel) use while scrolling. First make sure that the scrolling is as fast as possible. To change the Speed Adjustment in Configure Keyssettings follow the steps below.

1. Click on the main menu Mode Configure option.

2  Next, click on the Configure Keys menu item.

3. For adjusting the mouse movement or arrow/page keys speed control use the second slider on the Configure Keys  panel to make the adjustment. Start out at 25 or so, and try scrolling some text while moving the mouse (or mouse wheel or arrow keys). Your computer made need a different setting. Try 50, 100, 150, 200 etc., until the speed change response (while scrolling) is acceptable. Also, make sure you UNcheck  then [Dont use mouse for speed control] option.

4. For adjusting the mouse wheel speed control use the first slider on the Configure Keys  panel to make the adjustment. Start out at 100 or so, and try scrolling some text while moving the mouse (or mouse wheel or arrow keys). Your computer made need a different setting. Try 200, 250, 350 etc., until the speed change response (while scrolling) is acceptable. Also, make sure you  check then [Dont use mouse for speed control] option.

4.  Use the [Save C] button or [File] [Save Default Configuration] to save your new speed adjustments.

Remark:: The Mouse Wheel option is not available in LitePrompter. TOP

How to start out teleprompting software automatically after windows boot-up.

To start TeleScreen-32 automatically do the following.

First, you need to make a Short cut on your desktop. You will move/drag
the shortcut to the startup programs | startup folder later.

The target line of the shortcut should read something like this.
Note the "sample.txt" at the end of this line. This is the text file to start up TeleScreen-32 with. The text file name can not have spaces in it, example: "welcome to telescreen32.txt" should be changed to
"C:\Program Files\DRS-Digitrax Services\TeleScreen-32\telescreen32.exe" sample.txt

Next, add the "Start In: " in the short cut as follows (this will be done automatically when you make this short cut).

This is the folder where the "sample.txt"  file (step 1)  must reside.
Start In:
"C:\Program Files\DRS-Digitrax Services\telescreen32"

Next, right click on the "Start" icon on your task bar and left click "Open".

 Left click on the "Programs" folder.

 Left click on the "Startup" folder.

Drag the short cut you made in step 1 into this "Startup" folder.

Now start TeleScreen-32 and load the actual text file(sample.txt, etc). Set the color, font and Window Size options. Click the [Save Default Configuration] option. The current configuration will be used when starting automatcally.
(In version 1.7.4 or greater of StudioPrompter you must use the [Save Default Configuration] option. Failure to do this will result in the program starting automatically with the previouly saved default TEXT or RTF file.)

Now reboot your machine to test the shortcut. If all went well, TeleScreen will startup after windows finishes it's startup. Note: You should make sure that user logins etc. will not take place. This will prevent the shortcut from being run, unless the login is
automated as well. TOP

When I start your Teleprompting software, a message tells me comctl32.dll is wrong.
Starting with W95b or W95SR2 Microsoft changed this file. It is necessary for our Teleprompting software interfaces to run correctly. Bu using an older version the Controls such as buttons check boxes etc. may behave and look strange. The warning that was shown when starting our teleprompting software is just a reminder. The teleprompting software will perform scroll, keyboard and mouse options with no problems.

To install a newer version of comctl32.dll, you will need to upgrade your Windows OS, or upgrade your Microsoft Office or Microsoft Internet Explorer installation.
To get the most recent version of the Shell and Common Controls DLLs, download and install Internet Explorer.


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